Digital Toy Cam

Like Alfred Stieglitz, I think photography consists in the exploration of the familiar.

He said "I found most of my subjects within sixty yards of my door" and that's exactly where I've been taking most of the photos you'll find here.

So this is my Photoblog for toy camera apps from my iPhone.

I'm also into Analog Photography, so if you like it, check out my home page were you can even order nice prints for your walls, or find much more of my photos at Flickr.. and don't hesitate to add me as a contact!

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Passionate about new media, digital lifestyle and film photography. I also have a Microblog where I post interesting stuff I find online.

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    Couple in a subway station (at Comte de Flandre/Graaf van Vlaanderen metro station)

    Looking up

    Montmartre, Paris..

    Art Nouveau
    #paris #metropolitain #metro #france #sky #clouds (at Parmentier)

    Old tree.. (at Josaphat Park)

    Cloudy sky at the Rouge-Cloitre (at Rouge-Cloître)

    Waking up above the clouds (at Villages Clubs Du Soleil Orcieres)

    Abandoned oldtimer

    Schaerbeek stairways
    #brussels #belgium #schaerbeek

    Electric sky
    #tramway #buyl #brussels #belgium (at Buyl (MIVB / STIB))

    Looking up

    Today I traveled back in time..

    Sunset over Chaussée de Haecht
    #schaerbeek #brussels #sunset #sky #clouds #cloudporn #dark #now

    Schaerbeek Meiser

    Streets of Amsterdam at night

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